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Prosourcing is a technology driven outsourcing system to fulfill international projects. It generates professional profiles based on social data and parlays this information to match skills with business tasks.

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This infographic profiles the various methods of outsourcing. It provides statics and information on outsourcing, crowdsourcing, and prosourcing. Learn more about the evolution of hiring and the benefits of prosourcing.


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Learn about the Evolution of Hiring

This whitepaper explores the evolution of the hiring process. It profiles traditional hiring, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing. These advancements have opened the door to the future of hiring: Prosourcing. Take an in-depth look at prosourcing.



Prosourcing starts by collecting social data, public information and online profiles (such as Facebook and LinkedIn) for all potential labor options. The platform categorizes this data to create laborer profiles.



Prosourcing then uses these profiles to search the pool of potential labor to locate ‘pros'. Based on expertise, experience, and location prosourcing matches the qualified 'pros' with business tasks.



Prosourcing platform manages the 'pros' from tasks assignment till full project completion providing a more comprehensive outsourcing solution, without the hardness of management.

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